Croatia, the jewel of the Mediterranean, with its famous and fabulous coast has been a beacon for European travellers for more than a century. Peak season has long been July and August when the sea is warmest along the Mediterranean.

With its deep cultural roots, incredible history, Mediterranean climate – mild winters and gorgeous spring and summer seasons, it’s a must see. The average of sunshine hours is 2,600 per year. That makes Croatia one of the sunniest regions on the Mediterranean.


Sports and Activities

There is fantastic skiing and other winter sports in Croatia and nearby Sarajevo and Slovenia. Many sports and adventures such as river rafting, sailing, climbing, and hiking are often better in off summer seasons, with spring blossoms or autumn’s colorful leaves as a beautiful backdrop.

Croatia has over one thousand islands, eight National Parks, numerous Megaliths and archaeological ruins. One of the largest and most preserved megalithic sites in Europe is the mysterious town called Asseria, (near Zadar) where you can trace multiple layers of ancient history from ancient Phoenician, Liburnian and Roman to post-Roman.


Island-hopping and exploring

The close proximity between the islands makes for an effortless trip where the hassles of repacking are eliminated and time spent exploring on land is magnified. Wander through coastal towns and island villages and immerse yourself in authentic culture while enjoying delicious local cuisines and wines. Shop in open air markets and hike into the lovely interior valleys with surreal views everywhere you turn. Unwind on private beaches or snorkel and swim in deep blue coves with their incredible array of wildlife. Set sail with Heaven To Earth for the voyage of a lifetime.

Did you know that…

  • Game of Thrones – an American fantasy drama television series, was filmed in the city of Dubrovnik and Split in Croatia
  • Croatia is a birth place of Nikola Tesla – distinguished Croatian-American scientist and inventor
  • Marco Polo – a world explorer and travel adventurer
  • Rudolf Steiner – founder of Waldorf school, philosopher, literary scholar, educator, artist, playwright, social thinker, and esotericist