SpiritDance SoulSong - Brac Island 2018

Singing and dancing are the oldest spiritual practices on our planet. SpiritDance SoulSong brings these ancient healing practices into the modern world. Discover your body as a musical instrument, empowering you to be in vibrant, radiant health. SDSS fuses cross-cultural spiritual and philosophical truths with Western psychology and modern scientific research. A fusion of the eight chakras and the five elements, SpiritDance SoulSong begins with the root chakra, powered by your breath and your heartbeat. Accessible to everyone, this moving meditation invites you to realize physical and metaphysical fitness by opening your heart, freeing your voice, letting go of the past, exploring your breath, strengthening and detoxifying your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and toning your digestive and reproductive systems.

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The Land

Grounded in the wildly alive fertile landscape between mountain and Sea, Heaven To Earth retreat exists in deep relationship with the forces of nature. Perched at the edge of the Adriatic Sea, it creates a sublime horizon connecting our lives to the infinite. There is nothing like a clear view of the ocean to center ourselves in the unity of all things. And always there is the sound of the Sea. According to Chinese medicine and other traditions, the human emotional body is held by the water element. Perhaps that is one reason why Heaven To Earth retreat is a safe and powerfully healing place.

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Experience Our Land

Heaven To Earth has created land experience to support a thriving community for those wanting to live the highest version of themselves, while existing harmoniously with nature. The land serves as a place of refuge, reverence, healing and contemplation, honoring nature as our source and greatest teacher. This fits perfectly with our intention to immerse ourselves into dynamic retreats, leading edge thinkers and organic lifestyle on a path towards self healing, exploration and transformation..

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Education For Liberation

As a whole new paradigm replaces the outdated and obsolete way of being we are called to literally re educate ourselves. A new way of thinking, feeling and being requires a crash course in how we function neurologically, psycho-emotionally, bio-chemically, physically and especially in our day to day lives. Heaven To Earth is also world-wide network of seekers who look beyond dogma to explore deeper spiritual possibilities; forge new understandings of self and society; and pioneer new paths for change.

Whether you come to process personal pain or to embark on a modern-day vision quest, we provide the crucible and catalyst, and workshop leaders whose integrity and skills embody the highest standards of practice. We ask that you become attuned to the here and now, and understand that the relationship between self and world is an intensely communicative process that’s continually created and recreated.

We’ll give you the tools and freedom to unleash latent capacities and find a re-energized sense of purpose—for yourself and for the world. Let’s have an adventure.